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Airport Tycoon Codes Roblox (March 2021) Rocket

Airport Tycoon codes roblox
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Our Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes contains a list of the latest Twitter codes that you can redeem for free. These valid codes will bring you an improvement in the game and hopefully enable you to move towards a fully upgraded airport!

Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes List

Once the additional code is released, we will provide you with the latest information. You should make sure to redeem them as soon as possible, because you never know when they will expire! All these codes have been tested on the date of this post. If you find an expired code, please tell us the exact code in the comments below so that we can delete it!

Please make sure to enter the code exactly as listed, otherwise , it may not work properly!

Codes (Valid)

Redeem these Working Airport Tycoon Codes and get a lot of gems, coins, and exclusive items in the game

Receive Cash with this codes :

  • 123,456 Cash with this code: OSCAR
  • 30,000 Cash with this code: BLOXYCOLA
  • free Cash with this code: CLIFFHANGER
  • 40,000 Cash with this code: INSTA
  • 40,000 Cash with this code: MEGAWHALE
  • 50,000 Cash with this code: ROCKET
  • 40,000 Cash with this code: FREEMOOLAH
  • 30,000 Cash with this code: FIREBALL
  • 10,000 Cash with this code: CHIP

Cash is the main currency in the game and is used to upgrade the airport. If you want to buy all the available upgrades, you will need a lot. These codes allow you to be one step ahead while waiting for funds to accumulate!

Codes (Expired)

In this list, you will find Airport Tycoon Codes that have expired and can no longer be used.

  • 200,000 Cash with this code: UPDATE8
  • 100,000 Cash with this code: MERRYXMAS
  • free Cash with this code: ERACE
  • 66,666 Cash with this code: HALLOW
  • free Cash with this code: WARTHOG
  • 50,000 Cash with this code: UPDATE5
  • 33,333 Cash with this code: TREAT
  • free Cash with this code: XBOX
  • free Cash with this code: 100MIL
  • 50,000 Cash with this code: 50MIL
  • 40,000 Cash with this code: BLUEWHALE
  • 20,000 Cash with this code: BOATS
  • 15,000 Cash with this code: MOBILE
  • 20,000 Cash with this code: SUSHI
  • 15,000 Cash with this code: AIRPORT

How To Redeem Airport Tycoon Codes?

How To Redeem Airport Tycoon Codes

Let us quickly complete the process of redeeming the code in the airport tycoon! First, you need to claim a tycoon, so please click on one of the open tycoon slots near the spawn location.

Then look for the Twitter logo on the side of the screen, go ahead and click the button.

Click the “Enter your code here” area and enter one of the codes. After entering it correctly, just click the “Redeem” button, and you will be rewarded!

Airport Tycoon Game Description

Christmas is here!

❄️ Winter map!

🎄Christmas missiles added to all jets!

💰 x2 Cash for a limited time!

💨 Sonic Boom effect to all jets! .. and more!

Full Update Log:

Build and upgrade your own airport, make money, fly cool airplanes, and explore islands! Latest Update (Update 8):

✈️ New Blackbird Plane!

🛬 New Plane Features (stunt mode, plane landings, more!)

👨 Customers around Airport

➕ Tons of other improvements!

❓NEXT UPDATE: Follow the game to get notified!

💨 Join Airport Tycoon group for $20,000 in-game cash! (More perks soon!)!/

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